Meet Dr. Sharon Montes

“I’m dedicated to empowering people to make quality life decisions. As a leading advocate for integrative and lifestyle medicine, my work combines a knowledge of medical and organizational systems in western science with a healer’s heart. By integrating western science with traditional wisdom,  I create individualized solutions for my clients and the organizations I work with.” – Dr. Sharon Montes

Dr. Montes is happy to bring her years of integrative health care practice and service to you. Her level of expertise and compassionate approach allows her to offer a variety of power and important transformational modalities.


Dr. Montes loves her patients and they love her. Here is an example of a complement that her clients had shared. “The time I spent with Dr Sharon Montes forever changed my concept   of health. The results were not only healing but educational and   empowering.”  Barbara Brunk


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“Her particular gift is that she empowers people to take charge of their lives. Her kindness, compassion and integrity make it safe to try on new learnings and behaviors.”  Nancy Jo Steetle