“I’m dedicated to empowering people to make quality life decisions. As a leading advocate for integrative and lifestyle medicine, my work combines a knowledge of medical and organizational systems in western science with a healer’s heart. By integrating western science with traditional wisdom,  I create individualized solutions for my clients and the organizations I work with.”

– Dr. Sharon Montes


Working with Sharon will help you:

Connect: With all that you are…within and without.

Create: Empower, educate, heal and transform.

Contribute:  Make the earth a healthier, more peaceful and joyful space.

Celebrate: All that is in a continuous expression of gratitude and joy.

Dr. Sharon Montes: Mother, teacher, physician, facilitator, coach extends her loving hands and invites you to join the journey to Living Joy Now.

Internationally recognized pioneer in the field of integrative health, Dr.  Montes’s 30 years of service brings together the best of classical wisdom and the field of integrated medicine. Sharon’s experience as the medical director of several prestigious health care facilities and her educational efforts have inspired her fellow health care providers and patients to embrace ever an expanding model of whole health care.

As Medical Director for the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Montes directed the team that created a showcase center for providing integrative medical care in an academic environment. She simultaneously operated a busy clinical practice and participated in teaching students, residents and fellow practitioners. Additional leadership experience includes serving as Medical Director of Rose and AF Williams Family Medicine Centers – University of Colorado   School of Medicine; Arlington Community Health Center.

Dr. Montes joyfully brings her years of compassionate integrative health care service to you. Her level of expertise and commitment to honoring the unique circumstances every individual and organization faces allows her to offer a variety of personalized transformational modalities. Let Sharon’s competent and caring approach to living contribute to your life, your family and your business.

Dr. Montes is emerging as one of the premier Living Joy Now coaches and facilitator MD’s in the US. By bringing the disciplines of lifestyle medicine, therapeutic movement, vibrational medicine, meditation and integrative medicine into a unified field of practice, Dr. Montes becomes the perfect Living Joy Now facilitator. Her years of clinical practice and compassionate spirit insures each consultation will be a fulfilling productive experience.

Let Dr. Sharon Montes help you enhance your life!